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Your Dentist in Boiling Springs Says Fluoride Treatments are Beneficial

August 23, 2018

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little girl receiving fluoride treatmentAs a parent, you look for ways to ensure the well-being of your children. You want to prevent cavities, tooth loss and oral infections, so what can you do? Your dentist in Boiling Springs says one of the best preventive measures you can take is to allow your children to receive a fluoride treatment. As you read on, you’ll learn how beneficial this can be to their oral health.

What is a Fluoride Treatment?

Around their first birthday, you should make plans to bring each child in for the first preventive care visit. That’s because by then the primary teeth will have begun emerging, allowing them to start eating solid foods.

In many cases, your dentist will recommend fluoride treatments, but why? Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that fortifies tooth enamel and helps to prevent tooth decay by binding with calcium present to form a protective barrier.

Another Benefit of Fluoride Treatment

Along with protecting tooth enamel from the corrosive effects of bacteria, fluoride treatments can also limit sensitivity. That means your children have a better chance of consuming hot and cold foods and beverages without uncomfortable sensations shooting through their teeth.

How to Maximize Fluoride Treatments

Here are some practices that will allow your children to get the most out of the fluoride treatment process:

  • Maintain Regular Visits – Establishing a habit of visiting the dentist at an early age will help get your children off to the right start for their oral health. Furthermore, it allows your dentist to monitor the oral health of your kids to make sure there aren’t any problems developing, and if any are discovered, it provides a way for them to be addressed early.
  • Choose Healthier Options – It also helps to teach your children healthy eating and drinking habits early. That means that fruits should be substituted for candy and natural juices used in place of sodas and other drinks loaded with simple sugars.
  • Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene – Finally, by introducing your children to proper dental hygiene practices, you’re equipping them with a way to protect their mouth, teeth and gums and prevent the host of dental maladies that can occur.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than 10 pounds of cure.” So take the proactive route and reach out to your Boiling Springs dentist to schedule your little ones for fluoride treatments. Thus, you can have the peace-of-mind of knowing that they are protected and are getting off to the right start.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Neslund earned his dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1990. He’s since gone on to provide compassionate care in a comfortable environment while always keeping the patient’s well-being as his foremost priority. A lifelong learner, Dr. Neslund has received advanced training from the world-renowned Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education (SPEAR) and maintains membership in several professional organizations. To schedule a visit to protect your children’s oral health with fluoride treatment, you can reach him through his website.

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