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The Best Root Canal Therapy Is Within Your Reach in Carlisle

August 10, 2015

A root canal can save your tooth and leave you free from tooth pain.A root canal is a procedure that is sometimes, but not always necessary. Deep cavities are most often to blame for anyone that’s in need of root canal treatment. We’re sure you’ve heard the horror stories of root canals of yesteryear from either friends or family. “It was so horrible…I heard the drill and immediately went into shock. It was the worst thing EVER!” Well, we’re here to squash any myths regarding root canal treatment. For starters, it isn’t as painful as your friends or family have led you to believe. There have been so many advancements in the dental industry over the years and tweaks to root canal therapy have been made as well. Gone are the days of endless pain when receiving a root canal and in are the day so of maximum comfort. Our office in Carlisle, PA wants you to know that you have options when it comes to dealing with a severe toothache or cavity that’s embedded itself deep into your tooth. Dr. Thomas Neslund is the dentist Carlisle residents can see whenever any problems arise, especially if you’re in need of a root canal.

Root Canals Are Necessary To Alleviate Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

If you have a tooth that’s been bugging you in a major way lately, chances are a cavity has infiltrated your system. Pain and sensitivity are most often felt whenever a cavity has progressed. The last thing you or anyone else wants to deal with is a toothache. Some toothaches can be so severe that they can affect your overall wellbeing. We don’t want that happening, which is why root canal therapy is so important.

A root canal can solve the pain in your mouth instantaneously. First on the chopping block is the infected nerve. We completely remove said nerve during treatment so it no longer causes any pain. Next, we’ll fill the tooth with a concentrated chemical compound that will keep unwanted guests from entering your tooth. Finally, the tooth will be capped with a beautiful crown so it can stay healthy, strong and well-protected. It’s like getting new lease on a tooth’s life.

If you’re fed up with a toothache and want to do something about it, might we suggest a root canal. It can save your tooth and give you back the comfort you used to have. A toothache shouldn’t be left alone – we have the tools and expertise to fix the problem and bring your oral health back to life.

Need a Root Canal? Schedule An Appointment

If you’re toothache is need of immediate assistance, give our office in Carlisle, PA a call. We can fit you in immediately so you don’t have to suffer with your toothache any longer. We welcome all residents in and around the area to come see us, including Plainfield, Dillsburg, Dickinson, Boiling Springs, Caprivi and beyond. If you need a root canal, Carlisle’s own Dr. Neslund can help you!





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