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Dental Implants – Carlisle, PA

The Most Comprehensive Solution for Extensive Tooth Loss

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Has your smile lost its luster because of missing teeth? You don’t have to settle for a damaged smile. With dental implants from Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, you can once again have a youthful appearance and a complete smile.

Dental implants provide support for natural-looking dental restorations or crowns. Because they are implanted into your jawbone, they feel comfortable and natural, and they help support healthy jaw function. When you've lost teeth, it can seriously affect the look of your entire face, and tooth replacement options like dentures don't necessarily provide adequate support of the facial muscles. Dental implants can help you look younger and more like yourself.

Why Choose Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for Dental Implants?

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental implants offer many advantages over other forms of tooth replacement. When you lose a tooth, you begin to lose jawbone as well as the tooth root that once stimulated jawbone. Dental implants counteract this bone loss because they mimic your natural tooth roots, anchoring a replacement tooth in place with titanium posts implanted in your jawbone.

Dental implants also better preserve any remaining teeth, provide greater stability than dentures or partial dentures, and give you greater comfort. Instead of having to worry about denture adhesives to hold replacement teeth in place, you can experience tooth replacement that looks and feels more like your own teeth than any other option.

Indications for Dental Implants

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There are many instances where dental implants can be utilized. It doesn’t matter if you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, implants can effectively restore teeth missing from your smile. To learn how Dr. Thomas Neslund does it, keep reading!

Missing One Tooth

To replace a single tooth, a titanium implant is placed directly into the jaw and allowed to integrate with the bone over time. Once fully healed, a custom-made crown will be placed on top and attached via an abutment, which gives the crown stability. We use porcelain because of its natural-looking qualities.

Missing Multiple Teeth

To replace multiple consecutive teeth in your smile, a bridge designed to fit on top of dental implants can be created. Instead of relying on natural teeth to hold the restoration, a pair of implants are placed on either side inside the gap. These implants are strong enough to hold as much as a three to four consecutive prosthetic teeth.

Missing All of Your Teeth

To replace all teeth in a single arch, an implant-retained full or partial denture is most ideal. If you’re tired of your denture always shifting out of place, a set of implants can effectively prevent slippage and give you the confidence to eat the foods you enjoy.


If you’d prefer to walk out of the dental office with a brand-new smile in the same day, the All-on-4 implant procedure may be best for you. Here, Dr. Neslund carefully places four to six implants strategically throughout the jaw in order to maximize bone tissue. Then, a denture is attached on top, which is typically fixed and only removable at our office. 

The Dental Implant Process

Animation of implant supported fixed bridge placement

Your dental implants will be surgically implanted into your jawbone. After allowing them to heal for at least 3 to 4 months, during which time your implants bond with your jawbone, another surgery is performed to remove the gum that has healed over the post. Dr. Neslund will then create your new teeth and attach them to the dental implants. The entire process can take between six and eight months, but it's well worth the time.

Prior to performing your dental implants procedure, Dr. Neslund will conduct a complete assessment and examination. He will use your health history as well as the current health of your gums and remaining teeth to determine the appropriate course of action. While most people are candidates for dental implants, some require bone grafting or other pre-placement procedures to make their oral structures capable of supporting and sustaining them.

Bone Grafting

Animation of bone grafting around dental implant

In the event that your jaw does not have enough support to hold a dental implant at first, we may recommend a bone graft to expand its overall volume. To accomplish this, we take a small portion of bone from another area of the body (or from donated material) and place it on the jaw so it can heal. While this will inevitably increase your treatment time, it will also greatly increase your eligibility to receive dental implants.

Learn More About Bone Grafting

Start to Finish Convenience

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Dr. Neslund is an expert in placing dental implants, which is why you can conveniently complete your entire treatment in our dental office. Typically, dental implant placement needs to be performed by an offsite specialist. However, since Dr. Neslund has the expertise and the technology necessary to ensure your implants are successful, you don’t have to see another dental professional or spend more time traveling from office to office.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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Keep in mind that the cost of your dental implant treatment has the potential to fluctuate dramatically depending on your needs. As mentioned, bone grafts can increase costs and the number of visits necessary to complete treatment, driving up your overall total. You’ll also need to consider the number of implants you intend to place and the type of restoration used to fill the gaps in your smile. Both are major factors in determining overall cost.

Even at their high price tag, dental implants are often considered to be the most cost-effective solution because of their longevity and restorative benefits. Dentures require regular relines and replacements, while dental bridges don’t always stand the test of time. Both will require additional maintenance as well, even though they don’t offer the same restorative benefits as implants. In contrast, dental implants can easily last a lifetime when properly cared for, which is not something you can say for other tooth replacement methods.

Learn More About the Cost of Dental Implants

Got a Question? Give us a Call!

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If you’re in Carlisle, Boiling Springs, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, or surrounding Pennsylvania communities and would like to learn more about dental implants, contact Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today. We’ll gladly discuss impants and other tooth replacement options to help you find the best fit for your smile.

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