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Family Dentistry – Carlisle, PA

Oral Health Begins with Routine Dental Care

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There are some fairly simple things you can do to keep your smile healthy through the years, and seeing Dr. Neslund and Dr. Benner twice a year for general family dental care, including cleanings and exams, is one of them. By taking preventive steps that include regular visits to our dental office, you’ll keep your smile brighter and healthier, hopefully avoiding problems such as decay and damage. Your entire family is welcome at Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. By offering a well-rounded menu of services, we show that we’re committed first and foremost to optimum oral health for everyone who comes to see us.

Why Choose Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for General Dental Care?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Daily brushing and flossing are an essential part of your oral health routine. Not only can practicing good oral hygiene at home help keep you from developing cavities, but routine care can help prevent gum disease as well. However, home care isn't enough to truly stop oral health problems completely. It's difficult for you to catch every problem area and remove all of the plaque or tartar that forms on your teeth and along the gum line. During a professional hygiene visit to Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we can perform a deep cleaning as part of your general family dentistry visit. We'll remove debris and toxins that would otherwise threaten your overall oral health, and we'll provide fluoride treatments for thorough cavity protection.

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Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard on metal tray

Keeping your teeth protected is important at all times of the day, including while you sleep. If you suffer from stress or have an uneven bite, your smile could be at risk of unconscious teeth grinding and clenching! This habit can result in enamel erosion (which is permanent) and chronic jaw pain upon waking up. At Carlisle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we can design and create a custom-made nightguard that protects your smile throughout the night and fits comfortably! With our digital impression system, we can design an oral appliance without the use of gray putty material typically used in dental offices.

Athletic Mouthguards

Man placing an athletic mouthguard

Regardless of your age, it’s important to have the right protection when playing contact sports like football, basketball, field hockey and ice hockey. In fact, did you know that the main cause of knocked-out teeth is lack of protective gear while playing sports? If you or your youngest enjoys playing these sports or participating in other high impact activities, a custom-made mouthguard is crucial to their oral health. Our digital impression system makes capturing detailed models of your bite a breeze!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Patient receiving oral cancer screening

Oral cancer affects around 53,000 Americans every year, with about 10,000 people dying from the condition as a result. In most cases, this is because the cancer was caught in the late stages of development. With routine visits to our dental office, Dr. Neslund and Dr. Benner can check the many areas of your mouth for early signs of oral cancer and put you on the right track toward treatment if necessary. The exam only takes a few minutes and is indistinguishable from your general checkup.

Fluoride Treatments

Patient receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride is found in most oral care products and in the polishing agent we use to perform cleanings, but it’s also commonly found in the foods we eat and public drinking water. This is because fluoride plays a major role in keeping our teeth protected. After your cleaning, we recommend a fluoride application to strengthen teeth, prevent cavities and fight cavity-causing bacteria in between visits. We also make use of silver diamine fluoride, a non-invasive form of fluoride treatment ideal for children with cavities.

At-Home Oral Hygiene Products

Patient brushing teeth

Since 363 days out of the year you’re going to be practicing dental hygiene at home, it’s important that you have the right oral care products. Not all patients are created equal, which means you may need to use a specific type of toothpaste, floss, or toothbrush that fits your smile. If you have sensitive teeth, tight gaps in between your teeth, or difficulty controlling tartar, our team members are more than happy to provide recommendations that may best suit your needs!

Gum Disease Treatment

Closeup of healthy teeht and gums

Advanced gum disease affects nearly half of the adult population in the United States. The fact is, most people have some level of gum disease but don’t even realize it because the symptoms are not nearly as noticeable as other dental issues. If your gums feel tender, sensitive or irritated and no amount of brushing seems to be helping, come to our dental office to have periodontal therapy completed! We can effectively reduce the symptoms of your gum disease and get your oral health back on track.

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