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Have a Dental Emergency? An Emergency Dentist Near Boiling Springs Talks What to Do

July 23, 2019

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The word “emergency” is one of the scariest words in the English language, especially when it comes to your health. Your dental health is no exception. When we hear the words, “dental emergency,” many of us don’t know what to do and can actually cause more harm than good by trying to take matters into our own hands instead of those of an emergency dentist near Boiling Springs. Let’s look at what to do in a few different dental emergencies, and how to prevent those situations in the first place.


A Beautiful New Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Carlisle!

June 7, 2019

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attractive woman smiling perfect teethAre you unhappy with the current appearance of your smile? Does it leave you feeling less confident? If so, then it’s time to receive a smile overhaul, and porcelain veneers in Carlisle provide the perfect avenue to accomplish that. Continue reading to learn more about how this fast and effective process works. Then, by taking action, you’ll soon have a gorgeous set of teeth and a brand-new outlook on life!


Your Dentist in Boiling Springs Helps More Than Your Teeth

May 29, 2019

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Confident dentistYou’ve probably heard all about what might happen if you don’t take care of your mouth. Bleeding gums, lost teeth – those sound like good enough reasons to keep brushing and flossing, right? But what you may not know is that the state of your mouth can be a clue to a problem elsewhere in the body and may make existing health issues worse. Here’s why those regular visits to the dentist in Boiling Springs may be more important for your overall health than you realize.


Dentist in Carlisle Explains the Significance of Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

April 24, 2019

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Smiling man in the dental chair.Oral cancer may not be a highly publicized form of cancer; however, that doesn’t make it any less deadly. Did you know that oral cancer is the cause of one death every hour in America? It is also a form of cancer with a high rate of reoccurrence. That means if you survive the first encounter with it, you’re now 20 times more likely to get it again. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and since these numbers haven’t improved over the years, your dentist in Carlisle is taking the time to share some important facts to know about oral cancer.


4 Questions To Ask Before You Get Dental Implants In Boiling Springs

March 17, 2019

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Implant-retained denture for the lower archAfter tooth loss, it goes without saying that you not only want a replacement option that looks and feels natural, but one that’s also long-lasting. Dental implants in Boiling Springs meet all of these requirements and are a fantastic option for restoring your smile. In addition, they can be used in any situation to either replace 1 or several teeth or anchor a full denture. But, while implants work for most people, it’s still important to schedule a consultation to find out for sure whether you’re a good candidate. In this blog, you’ll read about 4 important questions to discuss with a dentist to determine if implants are right for you!


Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits Now! With Your Dentist in Boiling Springs

February 25, 2019

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You love to see your child smile. It’s the highlight of your day! You would do anything to protect that smile, wouldn’t you? Well, it may shock you to know that the most common condition for children is cavities, and dental issues account for millions of school hours lost every year. This February, also known as National Children’s Dental Health Month, take the opportunity to evaluate how well you’re teaching your child to care for their smile. Here is some helpful information to get your started from your dentist in Boiling Springs. (more…)

Should I Use Floss with My Dental Implants in Carlisle?

November 1, 2018

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Dental implant.Dental implants are a great replacement for missing teeth because they look and feel just like natural teeth. But implants do have some differences that require extra care and unique attention compared to your natural teeth. Your brushing and flossing routine may not be the best way to take care of your dental implants in Carlisle. It is important that you keep your surrounding gum tissue and bone healthy for the effectiveness of the implants. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t floss around your dental implants from a trusted dentist.


Your Dentist in Boiling Springs Says Do This for Your Pet’s Bad Breath!

September 29, 2018

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woman smiling holding white dogIt’s been a long week of work, and the weekend is finally here. As you wake-up to start your Saturday, your dog runs into your arms to greet you, but he or she has unpleasant breath. What should you do? Your dentist in Boiling Springs says it’s time to brush your dog’s teeth, but there’s a right way to do it. Learn the proper technique as you read on so your pet’s oral health can be just as good as yours!


Your Dentist in Boiling Springs Says Fluoride Treatments are Beneficial

August 23, 2018

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little girl receiving fluoride treatmentAs a parent, you look for ways to ensure the well-being of your children. You want to prevent cavities, tooth loss and oral infections, so what can you do? Your dentist in Boiling Springs says one of the best preventive measures you can take is to allow your children to receive a fluoride treatment. As you read on, you’ll learn how beneficial this can be to their oral health.


Dentist in Boiling Springs Helps to Correct Cleft Palates

July 30, 2018

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cleft palateWhen you are anticipating the birth of your child, you never expect them to be born with a defect, like a cleft palate. Although you may never plan to find yourself in this situation, it occurs more often than you might think. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 2,650 babies are born each year in the U.S. with the defect. To correct the issues that it may cause, your dentist in Boiling Springs can help.

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